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    It is no secret that the growth of RFID Technology is setting a higher standard for event production. With RFID, festivals and events have become more than just a show by one artist, they are a personalized experience for everyone in the crowd. Instant secure credentials, cashless payments and social media integration mean that fans no longer have to worry about tickets, wallets or a call center. Everything is on the wrist – it can’t be more convenient than that!

    Today, major events around the world are using RFID wristband technology, with huge success attributed to customer and business focused apps that increase guest spending, increase festival efficiency and increase fan loyalty.

    More Profits

    RFID provides convenient purchasing power, reducing transaction time, resources and fraud associated with handling money.

    Much Safer

    Secure, non-transferable RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized use or access, unlike tickets, keys, cash and credit cards

    Simplify Operations

    RFID automates manual procedures, making transactions simple and easy

    Reduce Costs

    RFID provides faster and more automated processes to reduce staff time and resources required

    Instant Reports

    RFID offers real-time reporting tools to provide instant application data and analysis

    Avoid Fraud

    The unique chip identifier number on each RFID wristband makes duplication or replication impossible

    Boost Your Brand

    The integration of social media and the souvenir value of RFID bracelets leave a lasting impression long after a guest visit

    Be 5 Stars

    Faster payments, shorter periods and simplified operations result in more satisfied and loyal customers