The benefits of Beacon Technology

Each beacon has a unique ID and this identification information is transmitted via Bluetooth several times every second.

All beacons are BLE, which means low energy Bluetooth. This is extremely important because using less energy means the ability for beacons to be used actively for longer periods, usually years without changing the battery.

The unique ID is transmitted to a receiver (such as a smartphone) and an app can provide personalized content.

With this technology, companies can offer a much more attractive experience to the consumer. These devices can easily discover interested people, loyal customers, potential customers (exactly where they are) and what they are interested in when they approach an active device. This provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide an experience very close to their customer, sending extremely relevant messages and ads on their smartphones. Beacons act as a bridge between online and offline shopping, capturing and sending consumer data to businesses and vice versa, thus creating the best experience possible.

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