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    For breeders and animal owners, RFID-enabled TAGs provide convenience and reliability. Offering superior reading range through RFID technology and robustness through its advanced antenna design, the animal earring was created to make its mark on the animal identification market.

    For the livestock industry, the introduction of Low Frequency RFID Animal Earrings (LF) a few years ago has considerably improved the accuracy and speed with which individual animals could be identified. However, LF technology has limitations in terms of reading range and signal collision (that is, only one tag can be read at a time). Working closely with industry experts, Alta Gama Prime has further expanded its comprehensive product portfolio with the newly developed Animal Earring RFID, an innovative RFID product that effectively overcomes previous limitations.

    Based on UHF technology, which allows multiple earrings to be read simultaneously, faster and at much greater distances than ordinary earrings, the reading distance under normal conditions is approximately five meters. The extended reading range and reading speed significantly reduce operator risk and increase the speed of handling and collecting data across the supply chain.